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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last stop on the Baja Peninsula

April 1; Santa Rosalia
Stayed one night at Punta Chivato, after beach-combing not much else happening.  Water was to murky to swim.  Arrived at Santa Rosalia after a rolly/choppy/windy sail.  Our last destination on the Baja peninsula prior to crossing the sea to San Carlos.  Checked out one of the copper smelting remains prior to catching up with some friends for dinner, Roy and Marlene, who we met at Christmas.  Lovely evening.  This town was built, primarily by the French when they mined copper through about 1910/20.

March 31; Ed goes native
So Ed does some strange things when he gets bored.  I probably need not say anything more regarding this except that it's something I believe can best be appreciated by his kids/grand-kids (or at least ours.) I'm sure there are many gross boys out there that would also enjoy it.  Spent one night at Punta Chivato; large shells all over beach.

March 29; El Burro Bahia Coyote in Bahia Concepcion
Lazy day. Nothing but swimming and sunning. Went into Bertha's in the evening after hearing a live band playing. The local ex-pat community and band having a good time. We got up there around 7:30, in time to hear three songs and then they were done. We'd forgotten ex-pats start early and end early around these parts. It comes from not having much to do after sun-down. The evening however inspired me to write a song which I've already titled 'Where hippies go to die.'

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