Welcome All,
Follow us as we sail Bullwinkle, our Westsail 32, south to California, Mexico, out to Hawaii and back home to Seattle.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

A beautiful, yet cool, evening in La Paz.  Shared with friends Marlene and Roy from Damiana; their boat named after the liqueur made from herbs found only on BCS and tasty!  Dinner at Rancho Viejo was delicious and afterward iced desserts on the malecon.  Music and food on the malecon just getting set up...nothing begins until 9 for New Years eve.  Looks like its going to be loud and going until dawn at the marina bar up from our dock.  Double ear plugs tonight.
Wishing the best to the start of the new year for all.  Much love and peace.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flamenco New Years Concert

Last night the marina had a flamenco and flamenco infused musical concert.  It was really fantastic and was disappointed they didn't cell CDs!  The place was packed, so these guys must be very popular here in La Paz.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from La Paz!

Merry Chirstmas one and all from La Paz!
One of the best presents ever received - a jar of Pasas (chocolate covered raisins) - was under the tree this morning.  Obviously I did not pack the snack closet very well and our sweet supply is next to empty.  Not a big supply of 'good' chocolate here on Baja Sur, so when I saw these at the grocery, my eyes opened wide and I started to salivate.  Then I saw the cost and my eyes got even wider!  $34 American dollars.  I decided 'we' could do without.  But Santa must have gotten an ear full because here they are!  Sweet delicious nuggets!
Mao playing with her new toy
Christmas morning
After presents, scones and 'A Christmas Story' we took a beautifully quiet walk on the beach.  Once back we had more presents on the computer from our kids and grandkids.  Technology can be so fantastic.

This afternoon is a potluck for cruisers in this marina. Ed's down for a siesta now but will be making jambalaya and I'll be bringing my famous cream cheese corn.

Last night was a finger food potluck for all cruisers in all marinas at the La Paz marina; Club Cruceros.  A chance to see fellow sailors we've met along this journey and to meet new.  We went with Mitzi and John sailing on L'Ange 1 (French for angel.)  Had a lovely time.
Ed, John and Mitzi

Club Cruceros Christmas Eve potluck

Lisa and Sven (from Dana Felcia)

John (from Fellowship) and Ed
Hope all are having a fabulous day.  Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree!

After much ado, we finally got the Christmas tree up!  Then Ed surprised me by putting lights on it...best surprise ever!

Porthole Screens

Today is a chore day; Ed on the engine

Gently pop out rivets on hoop.

me on porthole screens.  We needed porthole screens that required few tools and components.  Let me tell you Capt'n Ed surely thinks outside the box!  He found a craft store and brought home a wooden embroidery hoop.  After dinking around with it, this is what he came up with:

Insert in porthole for sizing.
Mark. Leave a small gap for easy
insertion. Trim. Re-insert into porthole
 and secure the two ends with duct tape.

Reinforce duct tape on either side.

Add bonding agent all the way around.

Lay on screen.

Let dry.

Trim excess.  Leave a bit of
 overhang for those oh so
small gaps.


Monday, December 17, 2012

A Stroll along the Malecon

12-16-12:  Sunday was the day Ed started work on the engine.  There was nothing I could help with so I took a stroll along the Malecon (like a board walk) along the waterfront of the city.  Beautiful artwork located in the nooks and crannies throughout.  Unfortunately a lot of it is falling to ruin.  There are concerns here, as there have been in every city in America, of conglomerates and/or large companies building at the north end of the city (Walmart, Home Depot, Mega (grocery store similar to Fred Meyer,) which are already here and more on the way like Costco) taking away from the mom and pop shops downtown, bringing urban decay.  I suppose its inevitable, trying to make every nickle count, regardless of who or where one lives.
Guess who's sponsoring this tree!

Whaleshark made completely of plastic bottles-
mostly from the sponsor of that Christmas tree!

Over there, just below the largest land hump,
is where we're docked.

Wyland painting done in 2005.

I just love the fluidity of this statue.