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Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4 2014--Arrived Land !!!!

Sorry for the late update.
I arrived in Neah Bay at 6:15 pm August 2. For a trip of 31 days 12 hrs. Yahoo!
It was good to walk up the dock and touch land. Very foggy for the last couple of days and couldn't see land until crossing about mid channel on the strait. Then there was Neah Bay and the Olympic mountains. A great sight. Thank goodness for GPS, radar and AIS. Had spent all last night and today keeping track of ships and fishing boats.

Spent the night in Neah Bay and next morning up early and motored to Port Angeles. Very foggy for the first few miles and then cleared. Lots of small boats fishing to dodge around. Light winds all day with a little showing up toward Port Angeles.

Up this morning(Aug 4) and heading to Port Townsend for the night. Very good to be back in home waters.

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