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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fleetwoods on Front St.

Friday started out sunny and became overcast.  It honestly was enjoyable because it kept it cooler with a nice breeze.  It is really hot in the open sun here.  (Fun Fact:  Lahaina means 'cruel sun')

Hand laundered several of Eds shirts so he'll have a clean start to his next leg.  While those dried, I put on the kettle to steam out the wrinkles in our 'good' clothes for dinner in town.  Afterwards we just relaxed on the boat.

Headed in for showers prior to dinner.  Now you would think that a yacht club has fine facilities for such things, but you'd be wrong.  Although I must admit, its nice that the showers are clean with as much cold or hot water as you choose (in Mexico, you had no choice.)  The problem?  As soon as one dries off, one is wet again because of the humidity.  They're only enclosed by a slated door.  Any primping must be down around the corner in a toilet that has no outlets for hair dryers (even though they are rarely, if ever, used by sail boaters) and no fans to keep cool enough to want to primp.

As mentioned in a previous entry, Fleetwoods on Front St. is a restaurant owned by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.  The indoor area looks like a very large, very clean and cool pub.  Dark rich wood, photographs (of he, his family and famous friends) tables and chairs, stylin lighting and a couch or two thrown in.  We ate upstairs on the balcony.  Dinner started with a sunset ceremony.  Mick Fleetwood is Scottish and very proud of that heritage.  So the ceremony started with a bagpiper, his music and a tale of the long standing legacy between the Scotts and Hawaiians.  Afterward a blessing, reminder of what 'aloha' really means, and the fire lighting from the Kahuna.

Hawaiian State Flag

Ed had the chicken curry and I had the gnocchi&pear with goat cheese sauce and prosciutto...yum.

After dinner we moved to the 'couch' to watch the band, which was great.  We closed it down!...the band stops at 9:30 ;)

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