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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Goodbye Hilo, Hello Maui

After checking the wind at 6a.m. on Saturday and seeing there wasn't any, we decided to head to leave Hilo.  Better no wind then the stuff we had on Friday.  The forecasts were either showing small craft advisories or no wind.  We figured no wind was better.  Motor sailed for most of the Big Island. Not much wind to speak of most of the day.  Rich green coastline.  Just before the jump-off  point we were doing 5 knots without the motor and with one reef.  Making better time then calculated, Ed reefed again so we wouldn't make it to Maui too early as to not see what we were doing.  (Reefing is making the main sail smaller.)

It was a good crossing, but I don't like over-nighters.  One sailor asked what I was so afraid of and I explained it is the same thing I'm afraid of during the day only I can't see it coming.  I was always the kid that had the blankets pulled just up to my eyes, not covering them!  So I go down below and try to sleep.  Only this go around sleep was only available in about 20/30 minute spurts.  Its like a tin can down there underway.  Everything sounds like it's either breaking or about to break.  I'd get into a rhythm with the waves then suddenly get hit with this odd side wave that like backing a car into a brick wall.  The upside is we had clear skies all the way.  The stars lit up the night so beautifully and brightly that we could actually make out the land masses and clouds.  Thousands. The break of dawn came at 4:30 and we watched the sun rise.  Superb.  The smell of dry, warm land is something you never forget.

First thing we did is motor straight to Molokini Crater for a 7am snorkel.  We had a short snorkel and then  headed to Palauea Beach where the turtles like to hang out (near what used to be called Turtle Bay.)  And right after anchoring a nice size turtle swam by to say hello.  We snorkeled for about an hour or so, sat on the beach and back to the boat for 'beer:thirty."  After finishing our beers I happened to look at the clock and it was only 10:30 in the morning!  Amazing what you can get accomplished when you are up before dawn.  Its time for siestas now.  Probably 'til dinner!  Enjoy the pics.

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