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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year not starting with best foot forward...

So as most of you know, our engine wasn't doing great when we got to La Paz.  Before we could get out to any of the beautiful islands around here, we took a slip in the furthest marina from town - not out of choice mind you.  Anyway, after working very hard on the engine, Ed decided he couldn't determine the problem on his own.  There is only one highly recommended diesal mechanic, among other english speaking mariners, in La Paz.  This person no longer works on engines while still in the boat.  Which means we need to get the engine out.  Our plan was to limp into a boatyard a few miles away this morning, haul out and get 'er done.  But you know what they say-"if you want to make God laugh, tell him/her your plans."  Well now we can no longer can 'limp' anywhere.  We'll be getting a tow to a boatyard that can lift the engine out without taking the boat out of the water and who can then bring us back to the slip.  At least I won't have the worry of packing and hauling things into town to a b&b; including the cat.  All of this is predicated on Ed being able to back the engine out and stop up the rubber gasket to the propeller.  I saw a ray of sunshine in his eyes as he thought about it and now have full faith it can accomplished.  Fingers crossed.

More bad news.  The jar of goodies Santa brought on Christmas?  Less than one quarter remain...maldita sea.

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