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Monday, January 21, 2013

//WL2K /January 19-21-2013

January 19; First island stop Isla Espiritu Santo; Ensenada de la Raza

Not far from La Paz is Isla Espiritu Santo. An island about 7.5 miles long with many turquoise colored water coves. It is part of a chain of islands creating a marine park. Ensenada de Raza is just one of those coves at its center. We anchored about 2p.m. and upon entering there were hundreds of small yellow butterflies flitting above the water. It was beautiful. The winds had died down enough for us to hop into our wetsuits (hop in...HA!) and go for a snorkel. The water was still pretty chilly, even with wetsuits, but it felt fantastic to be back in 'vacation' mode. The following morning after breakfast was a kayak into the beach. It shoals up pretty quickly, creating the turquoise color and we kayaked in about 3 to 4 feet of water for quite a way. Once in we hiked back behind the mangrove trees and checked out the desert. We could see where the ocean had once been thousands of years ago from all the layers of shells. Photos when we get internet.

January 21; Ensenada del Candelero

Just 2 miles from the previous anchorage lies Ensenada del Candelero (Candelstick cove.) Its beautiful with two beaches divided by a detached reef extending out from the beach to the big monument rock in the middle of the cove. Anchor was down by about 10a.m. and we in our wetsuits by 1p.m. (breakfast and letting it warm up.) Really good snorkel spot! Tons of fish. A definite stop with Molley and Sal.
There is a double arroyo which can create quit a bit of wind. Its either blowing hard or not at all. Very, very warm when its not blowing.
As in the first anchorage on the first night we are the only boat in the cove. Late this afternoon about 5 kayaks landed the beach to camp. Tomorrow we'll try to find the trail noted in our guidebook.
Photos when we get internet.

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