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Friday, January 25, 2013

//WL2K /January 25, 2013 Anchored at the Hook, Isla de San Fransisco

From Candelstick Cove we moved a few miles up to Ensenada Grande a large 3 lobed cove on Isla Partida. Very high red sandstone hills surround the bay with a large beach at the south lobe where we anchored. We hiked up the arroyo trail a mile or so and saw several 6 to 8 foot dry falls, two still with water at the bottom from the rain a couple of weeks ago.

A kayak tour group was on the beach. Talking with one young fellow from Oregon, learned they were doing a week tour around the island. The tour company resupplied them with food and water every couple of days.

We would have like to stay longer but a moderate northerner(winds 13-18) was forecast and we wanted to get over to our present location, Isla de San Fransisco before they started so we stayed only 1 night and left yesterday(jan-24). On the way over, we stopped at Los Islotes, a big rock that jets out of the water. Here is where the local sea lion colonies reside and where several pangas bring touristas for a snorkel. We didn't get in but watched them wrestle and chase each other. Several came very close to the boat, swimming under.

More on our current anchorage at the next post.

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