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Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a difference a day (and FAMILY) makes!

We rented a car to head back to Cabo for an overnight visit with Ed's sister Cathy and her partner Bud, stopping in Todos Santos for breakfast.  We had a wonderful time lounging by the beach and pool chatting the entire time and spending a lovely evening out for Cathy's birthday dinner.  We were very surprised by a gift package full of the best goodies; chocolate, CHEDDAR cheese and movies!  THANK YOU BOTH! We'll miss them but are very happy for the special two days and know we'll see them again soon.

Main street Todos Santos

Breakfast in Todos Santos

Pueblo Bonito

Passing the pool, headed to the beach

Lands end from the resort

Cathy and Ed

Its very nice to lay on the beach with magazine/book
and cocktail and shop at the same time!

Cathy 'Coog' Carrigan

Ed lapping the pool



Birthday girl and her Buddy

Shrimp DYNOMITE!  Addictive.

I didn't capture it, but there was a blue flame all the way
down the Mexican coffee pour; beautifully done.

Driving here on BCS is an event in itself. Stop signs are there to slow people down - not to actually stop them!  And if you do stop, you could disrupt the flow of traffic.  Much to the dismay of all other Mexican drivers!  Ed just takes it all in stride - with very dry humorous comments or trading jibs with the other drivers (out of earshot.)  We were sitting at an actual stop light, which compared to U.S. stop lights are very hard to see, and suddenly all the signal lights went out.  Ed just says "humm, now I wonder what that's supposed to mean?"  All I could do was laugh.  Then driving on what we thought was a two lane thoroughfare that then turned into three lanes and then four.  Not by the markings on the road, because there were none, but by how the cars just kept spreading out and passing each other!  Then doing about 40 MPH, we'd have to slam on the brakes because suddenly there was a gigantic speed bump.  Guess that's how they regulate the speeds.

mind the cow

The country side was beautiful - and full of many and large cactus.  Mountains on one side, ocean on the other.  We could actually make out whale spouts close to the land line.  It was a nice break in the routine we've had going.

Weather permitting, we'll head out on Monday after a big Seahawks win on Sunday (FINGERS CROSSED for both!)

Pictures to be added later.

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