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Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6 2014

Hello All,

Hope you all had a great 4th of July and still have all the fingers you started out with.

Yesterday was beautiful sailing with a ENE wind at about 10 knots. The boat was going about 4 most of the day. Not fast but the sea was very flat and had a beautiful horizon of puffy clouds. Sunset was pretty good, only partially obcured by horizon clouds. I've only seen two or three clear sunsets so far on the entire trip.

A nice light breeze continued into the night with flat seas. I think the moon sets are even prettier than the sunset. Last nights was a half moon with some clouds around it but really nice.

This morning dawned with little to no wind and I motored for about 2 hours until the sun rose a little higher and the wind filled in.
Very slow for most of the day. I getting out of the trades and into the area where winds are driven by the highs and lows. Unfortunately the highs have sort of broken down so over the next two days, I'll just try to keep the boat moving north, northwest, northeast as the wind allows.....Anything but south....

I flew the light air drifter for part of the morninging until it looked like a squall was coming. No squall or rain appeared but a little wind did so I could move along NW at about 2 knots. Was hoping for a little rain...everything outside has a dust of dried salt all over.

This afternoon, the wind has picked up slightly and I'm moving at 3.5 knots to the north. Hope it holds throught the night so Thor the Monitor self-steering can do his thing.

Ok, until next time,

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