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Follow us as we sail Bullwinkle, our Westsail 32, south to California, Mexico, out to Hawaii and back home to Seattle.

Monday, July 7, 2014

//WL2K Whales !! July 7 2014

Just after sunrise this morning saw what at first I thought was splashing but then clearly whale spouts. Couldn't see much at first and I thought they submerged, but then even on the starboard side, even with the stern a sperm whale raised his head to take a look. Not more than 40-50 ft off the side. Then has I got a little past them, two others appeared on the surface, just laying there rolling around. Side fins and tailfins out of the water. They continued doing that until out of sight. I guess they were resting or sleeping. Pretty Awesome !

Just before dawn, got the boat washed in nice heavy shower for 10-15 minutes. The deck is nice again without the salt dusting.

Otherwise slow day with light winds and seas.

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  1. Great to follow your progress and fun hearing the details. But your destination is a mystery. My guess is your headed here. If so,I would sure like to know your POC & ETA cause i would LOVE to be there.