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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arrived at anchorage Cedros Island

We left Ensenada on Sunday morning, after running up to Marina Coral for fuel. The downtown marinas, Cruiseport Village and Baja Naval, don't have fuel docks. We motored out to the western point of the harbor turned Southeast and raised the sails. A nice wind of about 15 knots, but also fairly large 7-8 ft swell. I forgot how much effort it takes to do stuff when the boats rolling around. Definitely had to get out of the vacation mode and back into the moving the boat mode. We had decided to head for Bahia San Quentin about 110 miles from Ensenada.

The 15-20 knot winds kept us moving along nicely with the jib and staysail winged out or later by jib alone. But, wow the swell coming out of the NW made it one of the rolliest nights ever.

Tracey was doing fine though, with the dramamine working for her, but making her a bit drowsy. We sailed on through the night and arrived outside of Bahia San Quentin at about 2 pm.

We decided we didn't want to waste this good wind so we made the decision to keep going to Cedros Island and an anchorage on its east side. We could make it before dark the next day. So onward for another nice.(Man, these 12 hour nights are much longer than the 7-8 nights of summer, but the stars are wow !!). Tracey's a trooper and doing most of the sailing during the day and I take over at night.

Arrived at the open anchorage up against the steep hill side of the island. There's good protection from the swell and waves, but there's an arroyo(gully) and the wind sweeps down through that making it pretty noisey. However is nice to be able to cook up a better dinner than you can while moving along.
All told we did about 245 miles over the two days.

Tomorrow, we'll hit Turtle Bay. A very protected and large bay and one of the few places to buy fuel.

Oh yeah......we saw a bunch of whales today. Not sure but they could have been blues.


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