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Follow us as we sail Bullwinkle, our Westsail 32, south to California, Mexico, out to Hawaii and back home to Seattle.

Friday, November 23, 2012


We were going to head out today but spent more time celebrating yesterday than planned.  The forecast for the next week is good, so we'll head out in the morning.

After being met at the dock by Pedro yesterday, whos job is apparently guiding us to whereever we needed to go in town for a small fee, we hit a mini market for some tecates and walked through town.  We met up with the other boat crews for an impromptu Thanksgiving, bringing spare munchies to share and swapped sailing stories getting down, and with one couple on 'Jumble' bashing their way back up, the coast.  They brought popcorn, which I don't mind saying went very well with the brews.

As that gathering was wrapping up, we watched a double masted wooden schooner with a yard arm come sailing into anchor.  Ed immediately recognized her as the 'Sara M' with skipper Allen, who we met back in Two Harbors.  Kayaking back to the boat, Ed headed over to say hello and we were invited to dinner with he and his new crew member, Leah (hopefully not butchering the spelling of both names.)  That morning before leaving Cedros, Allen and Leah had received 6 lobsters from a local fisherman.  He said the guy just gave them to him and wouldn't take any money.  So lucky us, that's what we had for dinner.  Needless to we still have the spam turkey...maybe Christmas dinner?  Wonderful conversation, good food, nice Thanksgiving.

This morning I made myself a bowl of cereal and the could taste the milk was turning.  So I dumped the cereal over the side and suddenly every bird in the bay was at our stearn.  Mao loved it.
Today was spent getting chores done before departure manana.  Ed had some work to on the rudder and said the water was a bit chilly initially, but wasn't bad after he was in for a while...right.

Leah and Allen stopped by for a drink and ended up having fajiatas with us.  Another evening of good conversation, good food and new friends.  Hope to catch up with them again further down the coast.  Don't think we're going to try and plow through to Mag Bay, rather stop in a couple of anchorages noted in our books.

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