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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farmer's Market & Sailing

Woken early by Jessica and Sue for a quick trip to the farmers market.  So many samples, wonderful veggies and delicious local fare.  Best key lime cheesecake ever.  And oh so much garlic!

Directly afterward we were all to go sailing, but Sue suggested a quick trip to her favorite fish taco joint.  Then to the dog beach (even though they left the dogs at home.) Then to a couple of cool local shops.  Who could refuse?  Our own local embassador!  It was Jessica that finally brought up that she seemed to be making a lot of excuses not to head back to the boat for a sail.  With that comment, Sue finally fesed-up that she was a bit nervous to sail for fear of getting ill.  After stopping at one more shop for a bit of ginger, we ended up having a beautiful sail.  Sue did very well taking the helm and steering us through the lobster traps...until about 30 to 40 minutes in.  After trying to make her way to the bow, thinking twice and coming back to the cock-pit, she made notice that she was just about to hurl.  I couldn't stop laughing knowing exactly what she was going through!  Jessica on the other hand picked up a bit of the boat lingo (or code) and was first mate all the way with lobster pot and dolphin watch.  It is absolutely impossible not to have a good time with these ladies!  What a great crew.
Sue at helm
Jess on lobster pot look-out

Sue getting cocky with a beer instead of sticking with her ginger ale

Sue starting to get quizzie

Sue dry heaving into platic bag (Jess in backgroud looking for dolphins)

Sue back on ginger ale and saltines

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