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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Zoo

The last couple of days required us to do 'chores'.  Engine work, errands, laundry and the like.  But today was zoo day!  And let me tell you that is one big zoo.  We spent the entire day cruising through most of the main attractions and still missed a couple of the smaller ones...winter hours and all.  We got to see most of the big cats receive and nibble on some very large fleshy bones.  We happened to see one big, and I mean really big, elephant named Mary get very angry and charge another elephant she thought was going to take her snacks from a keeper.  We saw the rinos get into a food fight as well...that one drew a little blood and at that same time the artic wolves were howling long and loud!  With the exception of the sun and polar bears, all the others were in their dens sound asleep.  So were the orangatangs, which bummed us both out.
Heading back that way in a day or two to complete the visit to Balboa Park - beautiful gardens and architecture with a museum visit or two.




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