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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Arrived Bahia Asuncion

We arrived at Bahia Asuncion and had the anchor down at 11:00pm last night(11-24).
It was a 50 mile sail from Turtle Bay and we tried to do as little motoring as possible to conserve fuel. We had mostly 8-10 knot nw winds at our back, so flew the jib and free flying headsail winged out. The boat tracked along at about 3.5 knots.

Bahia Asuncion is a pretty big village, but we didn't go ashore and spent the morning sleeping in a bit and then working on the internet trying see what flights are available for Molley and Sal to come down in January. The Telcel Banda Ancha Movil usb stick that connects us to the internet via cell phone continues to be a good decision. I think cell phone coverage is ever expanding here.

We left Bahia Asuncion at 12:00pm headed for another little village anchorage at Hipolito about 20 miles away.

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