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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last market stop; La Jolla

Woke this morning to clear skies and cold, so it was slow going getting out of bed.  After breakfast we decided to take a bus ride to La Jolla.  The best way to discribe it is 'money'.  Beautiful area, but Seattle's 5th Ave for a couple of miles.  We visited 'the cove'; a small beach area among the rocky cliffs where swimmers braved the cold and the sea lions.  Several arches gave the area some great low tide sea life viewing and many many sea birds and sea lions sunning.  There was a section that whipped up the worst fishy breeze ever.  The kind that made me think if I opened my mouth I'd be able to taste the smell!  Horrid.  I don't know how the restaurants along that smelly area stay in business.

Stopped in at the local farmer's market, that had more crafts than veggies, and checked out the town.  I broke down and bought our Christmas tree, thinking it would be my last chance to get something festive - not knowing exactly where we'll be.  First time in twenty years that we've got a tree before the 2nd week in December and plastic...but I'm sure it'll be perfect with the fir scented candle Molley added as a surprise in the package I had her send.  The best smell ever.  What a great daughter!
Forgot the camera - so no pics.
Latest plan is to top off the gas tomorrow, anchor in Mariners Basin and head out around midnight or there about.

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